Last Saturday Story

Yeah, last Saturday I met one of the best professional boxer in Indonesia his name is Chris John. Actually, boxer is not my favorite sport, but since my father likes to watch it then I know little bit about boxer.
Beside known as a boxer, Chris John is also a member of national wushu team.
John started learning boxing in his early childhood (six-years-old), and was trained by his father Johan Tjahjadi or Thjia Foek Sem, a former amateur boxer. John is the third Indonesian to win a boxing world title. After split with Sutan Rambing in early year 2005, recently Craig Christian from Harry’s Gym in Perth trains Chris John.
On 19 August 2007, Chris John will have a boxing-match with Zaiki Takemoto at Rokko Island, Kobe, Japan. Well I hope Chris John win the match. Cayooo :D


aroengbinang said…
wow, he reminds me to mbah Marijan :), since both of them appeared in the same ads :D

all the best for the match!

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