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Taste the Cookie: Ramadhan Again - The Holy Month

Ramadhan is the holy month for moslem. A month with full of blesses and forgiveness from Allah SWT (God). Every adult moslem must do fasting, in Indonesia, it is about 12 hours. We did sahur or early breakfast around 4-5am and break the fasting in around 6-7pm in around Maghrib time.In healthy side, fasting is like cleaning your blood naturaly, and well you will less consuming carbo, fat, and sweet things which Inshaa Allah bring good benefit to your body. Spiritual benefit, by fasting, personally I feel that I get more calm, patience, in facing problem, Inshaa Allah. Amin During Ramadhan, even I did fasting, I feel that I can stand with hunger and thirsty, the atmosphere is different, and I believe, this is because I did it in the name of Allah SWT. For those who didnt fasting, perhaps they will have question? Why you do it? The answer, 1st in Islam for those adult moslem it is mandatory to do fasting in Ramadhan month, its written in holy Quran. 2nd, I think personally, the message is th…

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