Saturday, October 20, 2018

Ir. H. Joko Widodo

In my blog, I like to post person that I think deserve enough to have my salute as he or she has good contribution to the society.
President Joko Widodo, or in short famous as Jokowi, was started his birocrate contribution when he has elected as Major for Solo, a city in Central Java, and then continued to be participated on Jakarta's governor election and he won.
I think the thing that made Jokowi got famous accross Indonesia, is that he is simple, humble, and hard working, and of course againts corruption!
In 2014, he won the presidential election, and since then he craved good steps for improvement in Indonesia.
He likes to meet his people directly, called blusukan, where he can meet people from many levels, see the problem at ground and listen to people willing and request.
Lots of youtube video that capturing moments when he meet the people, giving quizes, and yet I cry watching all those videos...why?
It is not about pros or cons to Jokowi, it is about that I can feel his sincerity to the people, I can feel that he wants his people able to have the best they could get as Indonesian, I can feel that he has big dream that Indonesia to be a great country in the future
What a citizen like me could ask for more? He is the best so far. I am proud that Indonesia is lead by him.
The presidential election in Indonesia will be conducted in April 2019. One of the candidates is the incumbent; Jokowi
So the best Insha Allah will win...

- when Allah SWT decides a leader, He wont ever be wrong, the doubt only for the loser -

Friday, August 31, 2018

Memorable August

Before this month is pass. I want to express my gratitude thru my post for this memorable August in my life
10 August: My mother birthday
In family, in birthday my parent never spoil me and my sister with present, but it doesnt mean that they dont love me. They did and their love is the most sincere love I have in life
But in different way, because me and my sister are working now, sometime we gave our parents present even they dont ask for it.
This year…my mother is bit demanding a present hahaha, she wants present! and yeah I let her choose what she wants but I mention the budget ahaha.
She got what she wants, and I feel happy as well, its not expensive though but she's happy, thats all what matter
17 August: Indonesia Indepedence Day
So its common to celebrate the Independece Day, people gather and did many competitions, as well in my office, eventhough it was rainy day, I was glad that there were member that still coming to have fun. The best thing, in this year one of the competitions was karaoke…wow I can say the best celebration ever at Tripper, as the participants were succeeded to bring everybody to sing along…super!
18 August: Reunion of Class 98 (High School)
After 20 Years we didnt meet each other, finally we have the reunion. Actually I dont really interesting to go to reunion event, but somehow I wanna come this time, to meet my best friends, visit the school, remembering those bad and happy memories during high school.
The committee really work hard to make this event happen, of course is not perfect, but thats not the target, we just want to gather for class 98, have fun, here and there minus will be no problem at all…I am happy, I am glad to decide to come, no sorry no regret
This is just a great month, happy life

---life is about happiness, make decision is about character, be grateful is about your faith---

Monday, April 02, 2018

The Greatest Showman

I dont really like western movie. It is because the fiction is sometime too much.
However, I must admit that I love the original soundtrack of some movies
The latest ost that I accidentally found was from the The Greatest Showman
I like most of the songs, such as This is Me, Never Enough, and Rewrite the Stars
I can say Never Enough is as strong as Everything I Do I'll Do it for You, My Heart Will Go On, or A Thousand Years, Love Me Like You Do and a bow down for This is Me by Keala Settle
I watched the movie after I listen to the ost, and The Greatest Showman actually not really strong musical movie, well it helps by the ost...
How about you? What is your fave ost?

-Loving a song is the art of your heart, it is the mirror of You-

Friday, March 23, 2018

This Is It

You will never know when it comes
You cannot delay it not even a second
You cannot ask it to wait for while
You cannot run from it

It will come anytime with His command
It will take you no matter you are ready or not
He wont ask your opinion before
He just want you to go back home

From dust to dust
Nothing will be last forever
There will be the end of everything
This is it
The time to leaving the earth and goes to heaven

-so long om Edi Waluyo, so long uncle-

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

That Red Rose

A kind heart I ever met
A person with sweet smile
A person who too shy to make a move
A person who wasnt smart but caring
A person in the past

I wish you all the best
The best in your life
To the future you will face
Dont you ever dare to give up

Regret happen when its happen
Move when it goes forward
Look back and turn to say sayonara
Promise to be happy
Been knocked down twice

Blessed ever been loved
I will swing my heart
Dancing on the right beats
Ring the calling
It is the beginning of the truth

-Destiny is destiny, running fast, catch the chance-

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Choirul Huda!

Its been so long I didnt follow the football news or updates both foreign league or local Indonesia.
Football became one of my fave sports, not practically but just to watch it and enjoying the match
Last week there were sad news in Indonesia's league, one of Persela Lamongan team Choirul Huda, was dead after an incident during the match between Persela and Semen Padang.

According to wikipedia; he collided with a teammate, Ramon Rodrigues, while trying to collect the ball from an opponent and was struck in the chest. Paramedics immediately gave him sideline emergency treatment. A paramedic said that after the incident, he was still conscious and complained of a chest pain, but his condition soon relapsed and he later died from his injuries in a local hospital. According to a doctor in the local hospital, he suffered from collision on his chest and lower jaw, which caused hypoxia that ultimately led to his death.

Choirul Huda was the Captain in Persela Lamongan, what make him special is because his loyalty to the team, he never play for other teams and be with Persela until the end of his life.
Feel sad for him and his family, I believe the paramedic did the best they can do, and this is just the way story goes
A salute for Choirul Huda you deserved to be dubbed as"The One Man, One Club, One Love"

- a legend never ask to be remembered, but the memory refused to forget -

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Me Before You!

What a sad movie, I ever seen in my life!
I dont even now why an author wrote this kind of story? According to Wikipedia, this movie is based on a novel

I hate sad ending! If you can make a story why dont you create the happy ending one?
Will? My brain has two sides, one of them understand, that you choose to end your life because there is nothing you can do anymore (in your thought!) and dont want to put yourself as burden to others...but my other half brain is never can understand how dare you to leave a woman, Louisa, she will do anything to make you happy, dont you know a woman word is a promise?

Perhaps I've become too sensitive on this, I mean you being disable, but then you meet someone that accept you and love you just the way you are, isnt great?
Or perhaps love has pride and yet dont want to hurt the one that you love so much?

I dont know..maybe the story like Will and Lou is there somewhere in this globe, but still too pitty to end your life and let go this; the most precious gift from God called it LIFE!

-its only born one time, and end in clueless time, baby, pupil, teenage, adult, old, life-

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ramadhan Again - The Holy Month

Ramadhan is the holy month for moslem. A month with full of blesses and forgiveness from Allah SWT (God). Every adult moslem must do fasting, in Indonesia, it is about 12 hours. We did sahur or early breakfast around 4-5am and break the fasting in around 6-7pm in around Maghrib time.
In healthy side, fasting is like cleaning your blood naturaly, and well you will less consuming carbo, fat, and sweet things which Inshaa Allah bring good benefit to your body.
Spiritual benefit, by fasting, personally I feel that I get more calm, patience, in facing problem, Inshaa Allah. Amin
During Ramadhan, even I did fasting, I feel that I can stand with hunger and thirsty, the atmosphere is different, and I believe, this is because I did it in the name of Allah SWT.
For those who didnt fasting, perhaps they will have question? Why you do it?
The answer, 1st in Islam for those adult moslem it is mandatory to do fasting in Ramadhan month, its written in holy Quran.
2nd, I think personally, the message is that Allah wants us (moslem) to feel hunger and thirsty, as many others who might feel them everyday in their life because of poverty. So that we (moslem) will become a better people by understanding others problem.
Ramadhan will always be missed, and may Allah bless us and accept our fasting and praying during this time. Amin

-With Islam I grow up, feel blessing in life, the light for every dark dots, and to Allah I surrender my everythings-

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Stay Positive

In life many things will be happen, good things and bad things
They key is how to face the bad things?
Be positive, stay positive, think positive, well you name it
Stay positive will keep your brain cool, your heart warm, and your lip stay shut up.
Because sometime, no need too much talk or silent
Bad things are just messages from Allah (God), that He loves you more than you never imagine, and He wants you to learn to value your life
Be calm for every steps taken, consider it before deciding the best action
In this Ramadhan month, the holy month in Islam, will helping those who did fasting to stay positive and calm

-Life is too beautiful to be messed up with such lil things-

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Manga is comic, in Japan comic called as Manga. According to Wikipedia, In Japan, people of all ages read manga. The medium includes works in a broad range of genres: action-adventure, business and commerce, comedy, detective, historical drama, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction and fantasy, sexuality, sports and games, and suspense, among others.
Since I like Japanese culture so anything related to Japan will attract me :) including Manga
As mentioned above Manga has several genres, I like the shoujo, it is more kind of comedy and romance, but sometime smut genre is also good :D
Manga that turn to serial on TV, it called it Anime, and when Anime turn to movie, it called as Live Action
Here are several Manga/Anime/Live Action which are my favourite: Ittazura na Kiss, Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Hapi Mari, Proposal Daisakusen, and many more
There was a funny moment when my friend from Netherland asked, what I am going to do during holidays, and then I said reading manga….then he laughed, he thought I read the "porn" manga
I explained to him that Manga is the way comic called in Japan, and it has several genres and not always about porn, maybe he thinking about hentai version hahaha….
Anyway, reading manga is one of my hobbies….what is yours?

—Enjoy every second of your life, because clockwise never turn in the opposite way

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Day 1, 2017

Most people will state their resolution for this new year 2017, question, how about myself?
Well, used to be I did too, made several resolutions and yet, none of them happen.
Question? Why it didnt happen?, of course because, the day after Jan 1st, I will back to office and work, follow my daily activities, get busy with all the problems in life, then forget about all the resolutions

However, I just check on my picture's gallery and I found that I ever saved a quote, how to become a good leader, with several steps, I think it is good to be implemented, but I will change the core, which is not to be a good leader, but to be a good member of team, in the office, family, friend, and member of Islam

Sincerely wish, in this 2017, all good things happen to all of us!

--Wishes as much as you want, and make it happen with optimal effort, and let Allah SWT be part of it as always!--

Ir. H. Joko Widodo

In my blog, I like to post person that I think deserve enough to have my salute as he or she has good contribution to the society. President...