Friday, February 14, 2014

Die Young

Today I just found out that one of my ex-office mate is died
He was used to be our QA officer. Personally I am not close to him, I mean as a friend
We're just say hello every time we met
I am sad that he die so soon..
Pray for him that Allah SWT forgive him for all his sins, and placed him in Heaven. Amin

Thursday, December 19, 2013


time is go slowly and sometime go fast to leave this year 2013
it's about 12 days to go and we're gonna be in the new year of 2014
personally, this year 2013 is running up and down but mostly in flat graphic
I think I've better have target for next year hehehe…then perhaps I can measure what's my achievement :)
but one thing that I've always thanks to Allah, that my family, especially my mother, she's achieved an acceptance for what happen to my sister
she more and more understand that my sister has right to choose her own path and being responsible for everything that she has choose.
I think I need to build my self to have more strength inside as an adult, learn how to shut up and speak up for something necessary only….silent is gold isn't.
to reduce my negative thinking habit, being more open mind..I did so far, but need to learn more….don't stop learn to improve your self until you die...
hopefully next year will be good year to all of us, achieving whatever you're all dream on, accepting everything good thing that you're all want, and I wish next year will be good year for all jomblo in every corner on this beautiful earth and meet your soulmate.

life is too beautiful to be messed up with such a lil things...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Samsung - Galaxy Grand I9082

Happy and Satisfied, two words that expressed my feeling after finally I can buy one of Galaxy series
Actually, I fallen in love with Galaxy Note, but the price is high and I cannot spend this kind of amount just for a smartphone :)
Waiting…and waiting at last Samsung release this Galaxy Grand - Duos, what make me love this gadget? here are some reasons:
- It applicable for 2 SIM Cards, all GSM
- Jelly Beans
- 5" screen
- It has almost similar applications compare to Galaxy S III or even Galaxy 4
- The important thing is that the price is affordable, in Indonesia it's around Rp 3.7 - 3.9 mill (not including external memory)
So far it run well, is already past 3 months
One disadvantage is that the battery must be charged everyday, but I have discuss it with a few friends and this is normal for a smartphone with many application 'running' everyday in the phone's system
I recommended this smartphone, because all the benefits above and for a women it just not too big in your hand and accommodate all you need to connect with internet or people around you
Well done Samsung!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

sHot - Shoot

Today, I see a video take of a friend for his new company profile version
You know all must look perfect, even his team showing how the customer service receiving a phone call
The funny part is when you know basically the situation is created and the CS has to pretend answering calls :)
Everyone in the office using uniform just for this shooting time, while normally there is no rules for dressing in the office as long as its clean and tidy
Whoa…la….let's see the final result later on..

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brand New

Finally, after almost 6 years working I get a brand new computer
Well, I feel happy and bit boost my working spirit :)
A Mini Mac with Flat LG Screen…..whow

Friday, April 26, 2013

Thank you Allah SWT
My life is empty without your bless

- Life is too beautiful to be messed with such lil things-

Friday, April 19, 2013

Aishiteru by Monkey Majik

Fallin love with this song when 1st time listen to it in Youtube
Lemme share the lyric so we can sing it together :)

doushite itsu kara
nagai yume demo mite iru youna
owari no hajimari na no

kurakute fukakute
kanashimi ni michita
sekai no hate ni mayoi konda no
shiawase sugita no
anata no hoshita kioku subete ga
watashi kore kara hotsureta kokoro
ai de tsumuide

oh aishiteru no
kotoba no imi wo oshiete kureta
anata sono mama hitomi no oku ni egao nokoshite
towa ni shizuka ni

naze na no ano toki honno wazuka sure chigai
ano hi ni modorenai no?
tsurakute kurushikute
todoku koto no nai kanashimi
donna ni setsu nai no

oh aishiteru no
kotoba no imi wo oshiete kureta
anata sono mama hitomi no oku ni egao nokoshite
towa ni yasashiku

'cause i don't have a clue what to say
thinkin about the world and how i changed
mukai au koto de
maru de toki au you ni
ooh who am i? it almost got to me
yagate hitotsu ni naru no

dakara zutto hashirenai yo
shinjita hibi wo konna ni tooku ga meguri meguttemo
yagate itsuka nagai me kara

Oh i wish that i was strong
yeah i wish that i was strong
you got it
you got it
dont lose it
oh the walls are caving in
ill try to keep it strong
cause the world is moving on