Thursday, October 15, 2015

Real Gentleman!

What will cross in your mind when you read this tittle?
I have my own description about a real gentleman. I live with him since the day I was born. Yes, he is my Father. Yesterday was his birthday, he is 68th yo now. My father is a real man.
He is a strong and also has big heart. He always stand for me and my sister, and respect and caring to my mother until today.
He was face tough live when he was young, and it made him a person with strong heart. He become a good personality because his principle is not to hurt other people.
Allah SWT (God) is perfect, and he is the only one. My father of course has negative side as human, however, his positive things cover it up.
Real gentleman, is not because you are good looking, driving your own car, a manager in a big company, or having big amount in your account. A real gentleman, is the one who respect woman, being responsible to everything he has done, and knows how to face life....
When you are good, people around could feel it, could see it....but you cannot ask for it

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I am Happy

I am Happy
Flash back a while, when I choose to move from Tripper Nature. I believe that was a good jump coz I accepted in different kind of company.
But in reality, I cant stand there because different nature of Purchasing.
Struggle to find another opportunity, begging to Allah to help...He answer my pray and now I work at Lippo Mall. Here is the right thing. The nature of my skill as purchaser, chasing by orders...sourcing various things.
Alhamdulillah...I am Happy, this is the true feeling of being blessing.

Life is too beautiful to messed up with such a lil thing

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Merdeka! Celebrating Independence Day

Today is August 17th. Every year, in the same day, Indonesia will celebrating the Independent Day.
In every nation, it has Flag as one of its identity. Indonesia's Flag has 2 colors and they are Red and White. Red is represent brave and White is represent purity.
As Indonesian, I love Indonesia no matter what. Indonesia has many things to improve, and I believe that to be one of outstanding nations in the world is possible. I believe that lots of people have the same spirit as me. The spirit to give the best thing that we have for the good of Indonesia. Starting from simple thing, being a responsible and honest personality. One of our Heroes, Bung Hatta stated that the one most priceless things is honesty....
Go Glory Indonesia! Stop Coruption!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Lesson of The Day : My Chapter

God has the secret
He is the director and I am one of His actresses
The end of the story will be on His hand
God gave me many chances to meet various people and even to meet him
What's the plan? I am following God's direction...I am following You...following Allah
It will take time, but I believe You have set the best one for me. Amin

....Life is too beautiful to messed up with such a lil thing....

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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Quantum Leap

Does anyone remember of this TV series? Well I do. It was aired long time ago. According to Wikipedia it started at NBC on 1989 through 1993.
I still remember, at that time, to understand the meaning of Quantum Leap, I need to open my dictionary. 
In my opinion, it has wide meaning, in term of life, it also can be related if you want to do something different in your life. Get out from your comfort zone and try jump higher!
Of course there are risks when you make a decision…however, as I believe in Allah SWT (God), human is like an actor, and Allah is the director and also the writer of human's path and destiny.
Following his scenario and keep the faith in your heart with open mind, will help you to be strong in facing life.

-Life is too beautiful to be messed up with such lil things-

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I must admitted, I don't like Chrome browser until I found out its super.
Usually I am using Firefox in the office, until one day seem that its affected by a pop-up and its quite disturbed me.
Then I go for alternative, and I try with Chrome, and so far it is running well, and I just love it, because we can change the themes, also in overall it is user friendly.
The point that I want to share is I think it is good that in some period of time you make a change, simple thing, try to change your browser, because it can affect to your working spirit.
Well, I feel fresh when I go with Chrome, because usually I use Firefox.
Further, I also like to change fonts in my computer, and it does killed the bad mood.
If you have not try it? well I suggest yo do it :) and hope it works with you

Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Arisan. This is an activity is very common in Indonesia among ladies. In simple description about Arisan is gathering money from member of group, and then every member of the group has chance to win the whole money in certain time. I mean the gathering time can be in monthly basis, which this is the common period.
There is no interest applied in Arisan. The amount of money that needs to submit per member is vary, if the members of the group are rich, then it can be higher.
I have also join Arisan, which conducted in my neighborhood. I am in 2 kind of Arisan, and I need to submit the money in monthly basis. The member who will win the money is based on Kocokan's result. Kocokan is a tool to decide who will win the money. So, all member names are written in a small piece of paper, and then roll it, and put all into a clear plastic bottle or similar. Later, shake the bottle…the paper that comes out, then the name on it is the winner :)
So if you are lucky then you can the money in the 1st row, but if not, then you need to be ready for being the last.
The total money you'll get, is the same with total of member that join the group x the money submitted in Arisan. Like this, if the member of Arisan is 10 persons, and every persons submitted IDR 100,000 - you will get IDR 1,000,000.
The period of Arisan same as total member of the group, like the above explanation then it will be in 10 months if the winner is one member with @IDR 1,000,000. But, it can be reduced to 5 months, if the winner is two persons and each members get @IDR 500,000
Hmmm…I hope my explanation is clear…hohoho…