Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Lesson of The Day : Respect !

In Indonesia, there are several education levels
It start with elementary school, junior high school, high school, and university
In university, normally you will need 10 semesters to finish your bachelor degree, we called it Sarjana (S1)

To get your degree, you need to conduct a research related to your subject/major study, and compile it into an essay, we called skripsi
To help finishing the skripsi, usually you will get two lecturers to guide you, she/he will make correction here and there until it is good enough to be represented in front of some selected other lecturers.

I still remember, the skripsi process was not easy, full of challenges, sacrifice, wake up in the middle of the night, sitting down in front of the computer to find ideas…
The worst thing was when one of my lecturers made correction from page 1 up to final pages…cried a lot :D
But it was turning point when afterward I did my best and I got A for my skripsi, it worth enough.

Why I share you this?
Yesterday, there were somthin happen in Medan, Indonesia. A student killed his lecture after discussing about skripsi process
The real reason, why this student did this, is still under investigation
In an article, the lecturer is good one.
Even I dont know what the real reason behind, I think as student, you need to respect your teacher, guru, lecturer, or whatever just name it….I met good and bad of them
But I respect them, I learned many things, they thought me many things.

You are the one who decided what you wanna be
I choose be a good one, a good one is not perfect
But the good one knows how to respect others!

—Life is too beautiful to messed up which such lil things---

Sunday, May 01, 2016

My Stupid Boss

Take it easy, I am not talking about my Boss..
This is about a book which I have read all its series, there are 4 books not included special edition etc.

The story is about Indonesian worker who work in Malaysia, in a Malasian' company as secretary which owned by Indonesian.
Short long story, the Bossman is stuborn, oftenly asking for somthin impossible, but miracle if it could happen...ups it is about true story, so the author is the employee itself

You wont stop laughing if you read the whole series
Of  course, it is not all about funny and crazy things.
Bossman, eventhough he is unique, but he is a good boss, he take care his secretary when her husband passed away
He encourage her to be strong during the hardest moment.

Bossman's wife is also unique, which so beautiful, and still no answer why she can be fallen in love with Bossman hahaha.. .
This wife oftenly ask the secretary to teach her Indonesian's food...and this moment is kinda a nightmare to the secretary because she will record the process with handycam instead to focus learn the cooking process

Even..the secretary and Bossman always have somethin to argue in every single day, the Bossman will always find her, when she submit resignation letter...

This story is adapting into a movie, and cant wait how the story it would be.
I hope its as good as the books

---Good Boss, he spoils you with problems and chalenges, yet He cares when you're in real troubles---

Friday, April 29, 2016

Kangguru Indonesia

I still remember the 1st time I found this website
It was in year 2000, when I was started to learn internet, the bridge of worldwide knowledge, entertainment, friendship etc.

Kangguru Indonesia if I am not mistaken is a program conducted and funded by AUS Aid
One of the programs is to introduce English to students in Indonesia

They have Kangguru Megazine that you can have it for free
It is monthly edition, and I always exciting to receive it

Kangguru Indonesia thru their website is like my cyber english mentor
Thru some quizes they encourage their member to participate and using english to make essay, report, word puzzles etc
I was lucky to win around 2 quizes, and the prizes were priceless

Kangguru Indonesia will end their program on June 30th, 2016
It is not a good news...personally I really respect them, I thank them for their contribution to educate many Indonesian's students
To enrich many English Teachers in Indonesia to have proper books, recordings, to make their class better

Thank you Kangguru Indonesia 
Thank you

----Good Friend, Good Neighborhood----

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dewi and Rina

I am going to be selfish today
Today post is about my sister and me (Rina)

Dewi is my eldest sister and I am the youngest in my family
The gap between us is 2 years
Dewi has curly hair, when she was young sometime she did want to accept the fact that her hair is curly...funny!

Me and my sister have the same star sign, it is Taurus
Our birthday dates are different, she was born on April 27th, and I was on May 11th
Unique thing is the day we celebrate birthday will always the same
If she will celebrate it on sunday, then I will have the same day 

Dewi is my mother twin, while I more like my father in phisicaly
But, the character will be the opposite

Dewi is married, she has 2 daughters, while I am still single, well dont worry I catch up her soon. Amin

It is one best things that I ever have in this life. To have sister
I cannot imagine if I am the only daughter of my parent, whew it will be lonely I guess...

Rina is more seeking anything new, gadget, restaurant, online shop, anything...
Then Dewi is usually ask Rina to help her on this and that because she count on me...whew....

My father is loving both of us, but Dewi is the most
How about my mother? Well of course she is my number one bodyguard :D

---Loving your sister or brother unconditionally---

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lesson of The Day : To Forgive

Bad wording, behavior, thought...and many bad things
You cannot avoid those things happen in your life
What will you so when it happen and how you will face it?
Angry? Fighting? Cursing?

Everyone has their own way to overcome it, but I learn that one of ways is to forgive

Giving you peace inside
Giving you air to breath
Giving you space to think
Giving you stregth to stand
Giving you light to flame

- Life is too beautiful to be messed up with such a lil thing-

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lesson of The Day : Good Karma

God has decide what is the best for you in your life
When He plans everything for you, then there always good reason behind it

When I dont have chance to meet one of my Grandpas, then I believe that is my destiny
God took him even before my dad turned 18 yo
He died for this country, in such a way, a sacrifice
Maybe it wasnt the time yet, He died too soon

Mbah Marmo Kakung, do you know, that we're good now?
It wasnt easy for Bapak to live this tough life without you and also all your daughters and sons
But God, surely made everything possible and made everything paid off

I believe that you must me a good person and made many good things
You build a good karma for your next generations

I love you Mba Kung...we never meet, but I know that was you who reach my hand in my dream to help me....

---Being Good is not easy But its Possible---

Friday, April 22, 2016

Lesson of The Day : Disappointed VS Happiness

Learning lesson for today, 6 yo girl does feel disappointed
She is my niece. Few days ago her teacher chosen her to be part of a dance performance
Simple dance actually, but it was made her sooo happy…

However, as she needs to join a ceremony, then she took a day off practicing
Her teacher didnt inform either her or her Mom, that the practicing she skipped will be the final
Long short story, she cannot join the performance and feel disappointed
The way she express it with mad and she said feeling dizzy….

Her mom called the school to protest
I agreed with her, there is better way if they dont want my niece to be part of the dance

Above all, I think somehow it is also a good lesson for my lil niece that sometime we meet something disappointing
I know that she is 6 yo, but life lesson could be start at anytime, because time wont running back but go forward

This is hurting me as well, I watch her grow up and hard to she her cry but the future is tough and she should grow up as strong girl and woman.
Life is not always about happiness but also disappointing

----Hug you Ratih, you know that Rina love you and Khayla so much----