Thursday, February 04, 2016

LOVE aka L.O.V.E

Love and falling in love
Keep calm and stay cool
Just be yourself and dont do drama
Love is natural and without doubt
It is about trust and respect
It will find and hug you with happiness

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I am sure that PayPal is familiar with those who like to do online shopping.
I am one of PayPal customers/members since around 2008. I have no complain, everything is secure and well maintained.
Recently, I have problem with my CC and PayPal's customer support has prompt response and efficient on handling my problem.
The problem is solved now and I am happy with their service. I can say that this is one of best customer support I have experiences in my life.
What can I ask for more right? Guess? PayPal surprising me by giving a present of $10 into my wallet as New Year present.
It is not much…but I appreciate their service.
Wishing PayPal will keep their good work and save service to their customer/member….

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Technology in Your Hand - Samsung J5

In Indonesia, the 4G network is starting to work in around 2015. Therefor, following by smartphone which capable to adapt it.
Used to be I am using Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, bought it in Sept, 2013. Overall it is still running good and slow loading is more because I have several games and files so it might cause the performa is not optimal.
I give it to my father, and I buy new smartphone and my decision is to go for Samsung - J5. Here are the reasons:

1. It has GSM/HSPA/LTE network
2. 1.5 GB RAM
3. Super AMOLED captive touchscreen, 16 colors.
4. Android OS v5.1.1 (Lollipop)
5. CPU: Quad-core 1.2 Gz Cortex A53
6. The memory capacity is only 8GB, but I can manage it with additional external storage card (32 GB)
7. The price is totally reasonable for Samsung products; I bought it at IDR 2.5 mill.
8. Dual cards

I did a comparison of Samsung J5 to Samsung S6 thru, I can say it is almost similar, well the RAM for S6 of course is better, it has 3 GB RAM…but if you have limited budget and you want updated technology in your hand, I bet this J5 is meet the requirement.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Thank You God - Thank You Parent

The first is always thank you to God for everything He has given to me
For every way out that He guide me
For every opportunity that He open for me
For every bless that He apply for me
For every things that impossible and He make it possible for me
For parent….that He give to me

Parent, Ibu and Bapak that is the way I call my Mom and Dad
Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on
Thank you for never stop loving me
Thank you for your time to listen my story and problems
Thank you for always be there whenever I need you
Thank you for everything which I will never able to write it down one by one

——Loving Your Parent, Dont Stop…Coz They Wont————

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Real Gentleman!

What will cross in your mind when you read this tittle?
I have my own description about a real gentleman. I live with him since the day I was born. Yes, he is my Father. Yesterday was his birthday, he is 68th yo now. My father is a real man.
He is a strong and also has big heart. He always stand for me and my sister, and respect and caring to my mother until today.
He was face tough live when he was young, and it made him a person with strong heart. He become a good personality because his principle is not to hurt other people.
Allah SWT (God) is perfect, and he is the only one. My father of course has negative side as human, however, his positive things cover it up.
Real gentleman, is not because you are good looking, driving your own car, a manager in a big company, or having big amount in your account. A real gentleman, is the one who respect woman, being responsible to everything he has done, and knows how to face life....
When you are good, people around could feel it, could see it....but you cannot ask for it

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I am Happy

I am Happy
Flash back a while, when I choose to move from Tripper Nature. I believe that was a good jump coz I accepted in different kind of company.
But in reality, I cant stand there because different nature of Purchasing.
Struggle to find another opportunity, begging to Allah to help...He answer my pray and now I work at Lippo Mall. Here is the right thing. The nature of my skill as purchaser, chasing by orders...sourcing various things.
Alhamdulillah...I am Happy, this is the true feeling of being blessing.

Life is too beautiful to messed up with such a lil thing

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Merdeka! Celebrating Independence Day

Today is August 17th. Every year, in the same day, Indonesia will celebrating the Independent Day.
In every nation, it has Flag as one of its identity. Indonesia's Flag has 2 colors and they are Red and White. Red is represent brave and White is represent purity.
As Indonesian, I love Indonesia no matter what. Indonesia has many things to improve, and I believe that to be one of outstanding nations in the world is possible. I believe that lots of people have the same spirit as me. The spirit to give the best thing that we have for the good of Indonesia. Starting from simple thing, being a responsible and honest personality. One of our Heroes, Bung Hatta stated that the one most priceless things is honesty....
Go Glory Indonesia! Stop Coruption!

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